Board of Trustees

Greenbush Township does not keep regular office hours at the Township Hall.
Township Officials can be reached by e-mail or postal mail. 
If you have any questions regarding meeting agendas & minutes, voter registration, elections, Parks and Recreation or other events in the community please feel free to contact the Clerk.

Township of Greenbush meets on the second Tuesday of every month for the purpose of conducting the General Business of the Township. The Business Meeting is held at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Building located at 5039 Campbell Street in Greenbush, Michigan.

The Board accepts public comments at these meetings.

Clerk: P.O. Box 9, Greenbush MI 48738
Treasurer: P.O. Box 8, Greenbush MI 48738

Township Board

Elected OfficeNameEmail AddressPhone Number
SupervisorC. Lee Major[email protected]989.254.1892
ClerkShannon Story[email protected]989.569.3519
TreasurerTheresa Kehoe[email protected]989.254.0883
TrusteeMark Parent[email protected]989.254.1838
TrusteeSteve Franks[email protected]989.254.0007

Other Officals

PositionNameEmail AddressPhone Number
Fire ChiefSteve Franks[email protected]989.984.7472
Zoning AdministratorKerry Scott[email protected]989.260.2140
AssessorNancy Schwickert[email protected]989.736.7689
Constable / Liquor InspectorWilliam Beatty989.590.2923
Planning Commission ChairTony Przybylinski
Zoning Board of Appeals
Fence ViewerMark Parent

Miscellaneous Information

OrganizationContact PersonPhone Number
Fire & Emergency Services 911989.724.0911
County CommissionerCarolyn Brummund989.739.5353
County Building InspectorHarry Harvey989.724.9440
District Health Department No. 2989.724.6757
Sheriff Department989.724.6271